About company

All cars are produced with interior upholstery, but not every car owner likes its quality and appearance. In most cases, when ordering a car, the choice of interior is not so great, and, as a rule, consists of 2-3 different upholstery options. Therefore, each car model has one or more standard upholstery designs and the standard quality of the material from which it is made. the interior of such a car quickly loses its individuality and is no longer different from thousands of others, it is common. And the quality of the material and the performance itself often leaves much to be desired.

Original seat covers™ - provides an opportunity to create an exclusive interior design of your car.we are not limited to the production of seat covers only, we produce accessories for tuning the entire interior of the car: transmission braids, armrest covers, decorative inserts in the door mats, etc. With the help of our accessories, you will be able to change the appearance and comfort of your car yourself. Prices for our products are affordable, and the possibility of self-installation will allow you to save significantly.

Feel like a designer! We will make any element according to your individual order, the design will depend only on our capabilities and your imagination. You can choose any combination of materials offered by us, any type of decorative stitching, thread color.We will ship your order anywhere in the world. you can choose any of the payment and delivery methods we offer that are most preferable for you.


We will help you make a standard interior design of the car something exclusive, unlike other cars. We will help you not only stand out for quality and uniqueness, but also keep the standard interior upholstery in its original form. The materials used by us will give a unique look to your car, which for a long time will please not only you, but also everyone who sees the quality of performance, design and style of your interior.