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Available for ordering seat covers Mercedes-Benz w211 model!

Developed patterns for Mercedes-Benz w211.

Installation seat covers

If you bring car seats to us for the production of car seat covers, we give a discount for installation. Watching the professional install the covers, it becomes clear to you that you made the right choice. This service, as a rule, is in demand by people who simply do not have free time, or they always trust the work only to professionals to be sure of a quality result.

Toyota RAV4 CA50 original seat covers


Available for ordering original seat covers Toyota RAV-4 CA50 model!

Toyota is one of the largest car manufacturers in Japan and in the world.When buying such a modern car, you should immediately take care of the comfort and stylish design in the cabin. First of all, protect the seats from dirt, mechanical damage and moisture using car seat covers from Original seat covers

Volkswagen Tiguan original seat covers

Volkswagen Tiguan original  car seat covers are made of certified materials that meet all the established requirements. When sewing, additional options are possible in the form of access to the airbags built into the seats, or all kinds of pockets. The quality of our car seat covers will pleasantly surprise you!

Kia Sportge original seat covers

Such reliable cars require constant care, including the seats in the cabin, but constantly dry cleaning is an expensive pleasure. The best solution would be to purchase car covers that not only reliably protect against moisture, dust and dirt, but also transform them in design terms, add style and new bright colors.